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When Does My New Boiler Need Its First Boiler Service?

During a boiler service, a Gas Safe licenced gas engineer will assess your home's gas appliances and heating systems, including your boiler. In the UK, having an annual boiler service and acquiring a CP12 certificate is not a legal requirement unless you are a landlord. Although it is not required by law, yearly boiler servicing will keep your home secure and your boiler under warranty.  

Our gas engineers outline when and how to arrange your first service, who is responsible for boiler maintenance, and who needs a gas safety certificate. If you wish to schedule your annual boiler servicing, call our Bathgate gas safe engineers at 07562 288726. We also serve Falkirk, Livingston, and Dunfermline.

Boiler Servicing in Bathgate, Falkirk, Livingston & Dunfermline

Is it required to service newly installed boilers? 

If you have just installed a new boiler, you will definitely want to know when it will need to be serviced. This will ensure that it lasts as long as possible and keeps your home warm. Boilers, like other gas appliances, require routine maintenance to run as smoothly and safely as possible. 

Having your new boiler serviced within the first 12 months of installation will allow you to honour the conditions of your warranty and avoid any major problems that may arise as a result of a poorly maintained boiler in the future.

Who Can Perform Gas Boiler Service? 

Because they are qualified to spot small abnormalities, a Gas Safe registered engineer should regularly service your gas boiler. If your boiler was properly installed, the company that installed it will also be able to provide the servicing, so schedule it when you have your boiler installed! If your gas boiler is still under warranty, all repairs should be free of charge - but bear in mind that you may be penalised if you violate the terms of your guarantee.

Who Must Have a Gas Safety Certificate?

A Gas Safety certificate, also known as a CP12, certifies that your gas appliances are in compliance with rules and are safe to use. These are legally required for UK landlords and can be obtained from your gas engineer after your gas boiler has been serviced. Your gas engineer will give you your Gas Safety Record after your boiler inspection, which should be renewed every 12 months.

How can you find a dependable Gas Engineer in Bathgate for your boiler service? 

Do you live in Bathgate and want to know when your yearly boiler service is due? Simply fill out our short contact form and a local Gas Safe registered engineer will be dispatched. You can also call our heating engineers at 07562 288726.