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What does it mean to be an Ideal Max Accredited installer?

Ideal Max Accredited is a boiler manufacturer's accreditation programme. It exists for a number of reasons and benefits both tradespeople and homeowners. The Ideal Max Accredited scheme (heating engineers who install Ideal boilers) is known for instilling in their customers Ideal's passion for excellence. 

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What is the Ideal Max Accredited Scheme?

Ideal strives for high standards, a positive reputation, and exceptional customer service. This is made possible by their Ideal Max Accredited Scheme. A programme for Ideal boiler installers who see the benefit of becoming an Ideal Max Accredited Installer. For example, Ideal Max is a boiler manufacturer's product line, and they created the Ideal Max Accredited Scheme to reward their best installers with benefits such as additional training.

Why should you work with an Ideal Max Accredited Installer? 

If you're a homeowner reading this blog, you're probably thinking to yourself, "That's fine, but how does this benefit me and my boiler?" Ideal Max Accredited heating engineers can provide extended warranties of up to 12 years. While many other boiler manufacturers offer similar incentives/schemes to their installers, your Ideal boiler still has a warranty for a long time. 

Other important aspects of the Ideal Max Accredited Scheme that homeowners should be aware of include the fact that installers must receive additional training, have their work inspected on a regular basis, and Ideal sends customer satisfaction surveys to ensure homeowners receive excellent service from installers. 

So, if you're considering purchasing an Ideal boiler, why not use a Max Accredited Installer? When you choose them over a general installer, they can offer up to 12 years of extended warranty on select Ideal boilers, and you should know that Kenneway Gas Ltd is Ideal Max Accredited. Please contact us if you live in Bathgate, Falkirk, Livingston, or Dunfermline, or the surrounding area. We are also Gas Safe registered, so you can be confident that we will meet your boiler installation needs!

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